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SPIDERPOLICY.COM is an owned subsidiary of B.R. & Y. Insurance Agency, Inc. Since 1985, B.R. & Y. has provided thousands of consumers with a free simple and effective way to shop for insurance. For more information on B.R. & Y. Insurance, please visit www.bryinsurance.com. Whether it's health, home, life or auto insurance, SPIDERPOLICY helps make insurance shopping easy.

As one of the leading online insurance marketplace, SPIDERPOLICY has a trusted relationship with various insurance carriers in California and writes with many of the nation's top insurance companies.

Consumers complete one simple and secure online application. The information is sent directly to our licensed agents and within minutes, the consumer can expect to receive up to eight insurance quotes from our licensed agent.

After comparing a variety of insurance coverage plans and rates, the agent will assist the consumer choose the right insurance that meets their needs and fits their budget.

SPIDERPOLICY's mission is to provide the consumer the best way to save, shop and choose the right insurance policy and to continue providing them with the best possible customer service. The consumer can be assured since SPIDERPOLICY's agents are highly educated must receive continuing education as long as they are employed here.

SPIDERPOLICY offers quotes on: Automobile | Home | Life | Health