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Who is SpiderPolicy

SpiderPolicy is an owned subsidiary of B.R. & Y. Insurance Agency, Inc. Since 1985, B.R. & Y. has provided thousands of consumers with a free simple and effective way to shop for insurance. For more information on B.R. & Y. Insurance, please visit www.bryinsurance.com. Whether its health, home, life or auto insurance, SPIDERPOLICY helps make insurance shopping easy. See about us

How does SpiderPolicy work?

SpiderPolicy saves you time and money by allowing you to complete one quick online application and receive up to 8 quotes from our licensed agent. You can also call (310) 217-8880 to get a quote via telephone. See learn more

When can I expect to hear from my agent?

During business hours (Mon. - Fri. | 09:00 am - 05:30 pm | PST) you will hear from your agent approximately 30 minutes after submitting your quote request. If submitted afterhours, you will be contacted the next business day.

Is SpiderPolicy an insurance company?

No - SpiderPolicy is not an insurance company. SpiderPolicy is an insurance agency that contracts with over 40 insurance companies and 100 insurance programs to match you with the best possible policy with the right insurance carrier.

Who do I contact regarding a claim?

During business hours (Mon. - Fri. | 09:00 am - 05:30 pm | PST) you may call (310) 217-8880 and our licensed customer service representative will be your liaison with your insurance company and assist your filing of the claim. For afterhours, please see Claims

What types of insurance quotes can I get from SpiderPolicy?

SpiderPolicy provides insurance shopping service for auto insurance, home insurance, health insurance and life insurance. We are a one shop agency and can provide all types of insurance coverage. To obtain a quote not on this list, please call (310) 217-8880.

I've submitted an application but want to change some of my information. How do I do that?

When the SpiderPolicy agent contacts you, you can make the changes then.

I'd like to better understand SpiderPolicy's privacy policy and data security approach. Where can I find this information?

SpiderPolicy takes both of these issues very seriously. Your online data is always secure when you transmit information on our site. We never sell or distribute your quote request / information for any other reason than providing you with insurance quotes. Please see Privacy Policy

If you cannot find your answers here, please see: Contact us